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20 Years of MicroStrategy World – Alisha Witty represents Domtar

Alisha Witty
Alisha Witty

A graduate of Western Kentucky University with an MS in computer science, Alisha Witty also holds a certificate in executive management from the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management. She leverages her training to serve as global director of business intelligence and enterprise architecture for Domtar Corporation. Alisha Witty spoke at MicroStrategy World 2017 in Washington D.C. in April this year.

Alisha Witty session was titled ‘Domtar: Measuring User Adoption Rates at Domtar in Order to Improve Business Outcomes’. MicroStrategy is a strategic tool that drives positive business outcomes when it is used for decision making by the user community. Setting user adoption goals and measuring movement toward those goals promotes transparency within our BI program. Our leadership team has the ability to easily track BI usage, systems health, and activity from our analytics community to evolve the corporate intelligence ecosystem.

View Alisha Witty MicroStrategy World session slides here as content becomes available. Previous years of MicroStrategy World event content Alisha presented is on her linked page –

Alisha Witty belongs to Domtar’s EarthChoice Ambassadors. Domtar’s EarthChoice Ambassadors (ECAs) had a very successful 2016, clocking more than 4,000 volunteer hours in our communities. Domtar’s ECAs organize events to promote sustainable business practices focusing on our customers, employees, company and community. With 23 teams in three countries, our ECAs contribute their time and energy to improve literacy, sustainability and health and wellness in the areas where Domtar employees live and work. This Earth Week, Domtar employees from across the company took part in numerous events promoting taking care of our natural environment. Hear some of the ways they demonstrate a commitment to sustainability in their daily lives. See what Alisha Witty’s earth choice is here on YouTube.